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Capture settings
The number of seconds between each capture. Faster intervals may not work properly on slow devices.
File settings
The image quality from 1-100, the default is 92. This setting doesn't affect PNG files.
Discord integration
Snappy can send confirmations for each screen capture and errors as Discord messages, using webhooks. This can be helpful for remote monitoring.
Advanced settings
This changes the screen capture from 1 FPS to the highest allowed frame rate, up to 120 FPS, but CPU and battery usage will be increased. You may need to reload Snappy for the change to take effect.
What does Snappy do?

Snappy is a web app for capturing automatic screenshots, inspired by AutoScreenCap. You can select a window, screen, or browser tab, then start the capture to automatically save an image on a specified interval.

Snappy can be helpful for recording presentations, livestreams, or other similar use cases. It works in all modern browsers that support screen capture, though some browsers may not support selecting specific folders or capturing browser tabs.

Made with ♥ by Corbin Davenport